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Look what we did together!

Updated: May 4

Thanks to all of our hard work, we were able to send off 2 boxes for Operation Gratitude this month! Our crafternoon was also a great success, over 20 people came to help! Many of the crafts we made were for OG. Lanyards, handmade cards, and writing cards of gratitude. :) A special thanks to Phyllis for being a crocheting machine and wonderful person!! We'll plan another Crafternoon sometime during the summer, but until then we'll still be collecting items!

The 2 boxes contained:

  • 20 hand crocheted scarves (60 hours)

  • 12 hand crocheted hats (36 hours)

  • 193 paracord lanyards (38 hours)

  • 47 handmade cards

  • 30 handwritten cards

  • 24 decks of playing cards

  • 11 card games

  • 17 puzzle books

  • 17 pairs of cozy socks

  • 12 washcloths

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