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June 2023 Annual Luncheon

On Sunday June 25, 2023 GFWC Manassas members gathered at the Inn at Vint Hill in Warrenton, VA to enjoy fellowship and good food, elect and induct our officers, and approve the 2023-2024 budget. Thank you Emily Maroon and her committee for the lovely afternoon you planned for us.

The 2023-2024 Club Officers are:

  1. President – Susan Morabito

  2. Vice President – Kait Alexander

  3. Secretary – Phyllis Maggio

  4. Treasurer – Robin Armentrout

During the luncheon, members congratulated the newly elected Officers. President Susan Morabito who will continue serving the club for a second term as President thanked the club after the event with this note “Most of all I again want to thank everyone for their support this year, I am always in awe of the kindness and generosity of our club members. The writer of the upcoming magazine article said “I have found my tribe ” ,she couldn’t have said it better. Thank you again.”

Likewise, Secretary Phyllis Maggio expressed her appreciation for the club and the event with this message: “It is always a good time when we all get together. Sharing common goals benefits so many. It’s wonderful to be with all the people that make it happen. We come together to reflect on another year of the work we do in our community and think about where we go in the future. I am happy to serve as your Secretary and will do my very best to do the job to the best of my ability“

We are excited to continue the hard work and service with many exciting projects in the upcoming year!

Dale Fisher inducting Treasurer, Robin Armentrout

Dale Fisher inducting Vice President , Kait Alexander

Phyllis Maggio accepting her election as Secretary

Treasurer, Robin Armentrout

Robin Armentrout, Emily Maroon and Dale Fisher

Luncheon Program

President Susan Morabito highlighting the achievements of the club

Jaye Wilkinson wearing a beautiful floral dress

Kait Alexander accepting her election as Vice President

Susan Morabito accepting her election as President

Tanner accepting the "Men we can't do it without Award"

Jaye Wilkinson, Diane Olive, Susan Reese, and Diana Keay

A thank you present to Emily Maroon

Dale and the Club Officers

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