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A Thank You Letter from a Soldier

GFWC Manassas supports Operation Gratitude with supplies for Care Packages sent to active military members to say "Thank You for your Service."

Operation Gratitude has shared this beautiful thank you note from a military member with all contributors to their projects, and we want to share it here with you!

To whom it may concern,

I would like to personally extend my thanks to you and all those involved in sending me a care package. I myself am not close with many people back home and the care package was a great morale boost that I did not expect to receive. I especially appreciated the hand-knitted scarf and all the letters from the children. These are items I will cherish and bring home with me to treasure forever as memories of a time of joy when truthfully I had felt very alone. You are all doing wonderful things for us out here out of the kindness of your heart and it is very much appreciated. I know I do not just speak for myself when I say this, as the rest of my coworkers, Marines, and Sailors extend our gratitude to you in return. It is comforting to know there are still people back home who care about those deployed and show it, when even some of our loved ones may not.

I ask that you continue your work with renewed strength and understanding that you are appreciated too. We know all too well that sometimes we may not see the fruits of our labor and I assess that at times it must feel that way for you all as well. Please know that your work is important and that, at least, from this Marine, I am very much thankful for you. You have renewed a flame of hope that, while still burning, was merely just an ember, that you have now turned into a roaring fire again. Your work is in essence the magic of this world. Charity to a stranger you may never know, for a thanks you may never receive. People like you hold back the darkness of this world with your kindness and love, while people like me hold back the darkness of this world with our weapons and willpower. You are our strength with which we use to defend you. Never forget that.

Once again, I extend my thanks for the care package and all the love that was put into it. Thank you. Sincerely. Have a wonderful day and keep believing you are making a difference.

Strength and Respectfully sent,


22 MEU

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